CompoSecure: About Us.


CompoSecure, LLC is a design and manufacturing firm established in 2000 by experienced Management with combined service of more than 100 years in the plastic card industry. CompoSecure is a truly unique company that offers proprietary products and leading edge design capabilities to address sophisticated, high-security requirements in both the public and private sector.



In today's Global environment, it is more important than ever for Government Entities to issue the most secure and durable Secure ID documents commercially available. Equally important is the need for large companies to differentiate their brand from the rest of the pack.

On a daily basis, the CompoSecure Team seeks new security features and materials not normally found in standard ID documents and financial transaction cards. We leave no stone unturned and utilize our extensive knowledge and experience as the foundation for future innovation. One of the best features of our New Product Development process is our client's ability to patent the Intellectual Property that we have developed for them.  Our new product development process has yielded over twenty patents for our clients.

Our extensive network of industry experts allows us to be a valuable asset to our clients regarding all aspects of security features, materials, and card manufacturing. We pride ourselves by facilitating the link between our Client partners and our Vendor Partners in order to produce one-of-a-kind products and overcome any hurdle.


Our heritage pre-dates the credit card industry. Prior to establishing CompoSecure in 2000 as a unique business model offering leading edge composite materials, ID cards and Product Development services, our Principals owned an icon in the Industry; Sillcocks Plastics International. In 1910, Sillcocks manufactured celluloid collars for shirts. Eventually, printing entered the picture and by 1915, Sillcocks was printing radio dial components and calendar cards.

In 1952, the Herslow Family bought controlling interest in the Company, and in 1967, the eldest Herslow child, John Herslow joined Production Management. Due to his background in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, John viewed client projects and internal projects through a technical lens. Sillcocks' product offering included Financial Transaction Cards (Sillcocks was the second MasterCard manufacturer in the world), Technical Products (such as Disc Calculators and Slide Rules), Direct Mail Cards, ID Cards and Smart Cards including RFID, as well as Advertising Specialties.

Always known for leading the industry in technology, Sillcocks was the first commercial plastic printer to utilize UV Curing during the printing operation. Contact Smart Card modules and RFID modules were a large focus during the 1980's and 1990's. During the same time, the need for extended card life spurred the development of composite card materials.

In 1991, John's second daughter, Michele Logan, joined Sillcocks to learn the mechanics of all aspects of the business, eventually heading the Sales Department after five years with the company. Michele's background in Computer Science and Industrial Management lends itself to mastering the business side of CompoSecure and its focus on providing clients with the best service and most up to date information.

Rather than be everything to everyone in commercial plastic printing, Management decided to begin a new venture focusing on core strengths in Chemistry, Materials Science and New Product Development. Most Production Personnel at CompoSecure have worked for the Herslow Family for more than twenty years, some as many as thirty-four. It is the collective experience and dedication of our valued Employees that allows CompoSecure to look in different places for unique ideas and see the Forest for the Trees. True understanding of the card manufacturing process, from the molecular structure of polymers to the engineering and mechanics behind the equipment has benefited our clients from the beginning.


The marketplace we serve today is a global one, including North America, South America, the Middle East/Africa, Europe and the Pacific Rim. In this geography, we have targeted the following vertical markets:


  • Financial Transaction Companies and Premium Retail Merchants-This includes any organization that is seeking to offer a new, innovative Financial Transaction card to their high net worth customer base.  Also included in this category is high end loyalty programs.


  • Plastic Card Manufacturers-We offer our design, manufacturing, consulting and sub-assembly products to these manufacturers.


  • Government Agencies-This includes virtually all Domestic and International Government Entities that issue identification cards and other secure documents.


  • System Integrators-We offer our design, manufacturing, consulting and sub-assembly products to these organizations.


  • Security Features Specialists-These companies offer value-added security features for ID cards, such as OVD and specialty inks.
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