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CompoSecure, LLC is a design and manufacturing firm established in 2000 by experienced Management with combined service of more than 100 years in the plastic card industry. CompoSecure is a truly unique company that offers proprietary products and leading edge design capabilities to address sophisticated, high-security requirements in both the public and private sector.


In today's Global environment, it is more important than ever for Government Entities to issue the most secure and durable Secure ID documents commercially available. Equally important is the need for large companies to differentiate their brand from the rest of the pack.

On a daily basis, the CompoSecure Team seeks new security features and materials not normally found in standard ID documents and financial transaction cards. We leave no stone unturned and utilize our extensive knowledge and experience as the foundation for future innovation. One of the best features of our New Product Development process is our client's ability to patent the Intellectual Property that we have developed for them.  Our new product development process has yielded over twenty patents for our clients.

Our extensive network of industry experts allows us to be a valuable asset to our clients regarding all aspects of security features, materials, and card manufacturing. We pride ourselves by facilitating the link between our Client partners and our Vendor Partners in order to produce one-of-a-kind products and overcome any hurdle.



Our heritage pre-dates the credit card industry. Prior to establishing CompoSecure in 2000 as a unique business model offering leading edge composite materials, ID cards and Product Development services, our Principals owned an icon in the Industry; Sillcocks Plastics International. In 1910, Sillcocks manufactured celluloid collars for shirts. Eventually, printing entered the picture and by 1915, Sillcocks was printing radio dial components and calendar cards.

In 1952, the Herslow Family bought controlling interest in the Company, and in 1967, the eldest Herslow child, John Herslow joined Production Management. Due to his background in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, John viewed client projects and internal projects through a technical lens. Sillcocks' product offering included Financial Transaction Cards (Sillcocks was the second MasterCard manufacturer in the world), Technical Products (such as Disc Calculators and Slide Rules), Direct Mail Cards, ID Cards and Smart Cards including RFID, as well as Advertising Specialties.

Always known for leading the industry in technology, Sillcocks was the first commercial plastic printer to utilize UV Curing during the printing operation. Contact Smart Card modules and RFID modules were a large focus during the 1980's and 1990's. During the same time, the need for extended card life spurred the development of composite card materials.

In 1991, John's second daughter, Michele Logan, joined Sillcocks to learn the mechanics of all aspects of the business, eventually heading the Sales Department after five years with the company. Michele's background in Computer Science and Industrial Management lends itself to mastering the business side of CompoSecure and its focus on providing clients with the best service and most up to date information.

Rather than be everything to everyone in commercial plastic printing, Management decided to begin a new venture focusing on core strengths in Chemistry, Materials Science and New Product Development. Most Production Personnel at CompoSecure have worked for the Herslow Family for more than twenty years, some as many as thirty-four. It is the collective experience and dedication of our valued Employees that allows CompoSecure to look in different places for unique ideas and see the Forest for the Trees. True understanding of the card manufacturing process, from the molecular structure of polymers to the engineering and mechanics behind the equipment has benefited our clients from the beginning.



The marketplace we serve today is a global one, including North America, South America, the Middle East/Africa, Europe and the Pacific Rim. In this geography, we have targeted the following vertical markets:

  • Financial Transaction Companies and Premium Retail Merchants-This includes any organization that is seeking to offer a new, innovative Financial Transaction card to their high net worth customer base.  Also included in this category is high end loyalty programs.


  • Plastic Card Manufacturers-We offer our design, manufacturing, consulting and sub-assembly products to these manufacturers.


  • Government Agencies-This includes virtually all Domestic and International Government Entities that issue identification cards and other secure documents.


  • System Integrators-We offer our design, manufacturing, consulting and sub-assembly products to these organizations.


  • Security Features Specialists-These companies offer value-added security features for ID cards, such as OVD and specialty inks.


Michele Logan is the Chief Executive Officer of CompoSecure, LLC and is responsible for the management of all aspects of the business enterprise.  She leads the senior leadership in setting the strategic goals of the organization.  Michele is the principle owner of CompoSecure, LLC.
Michele began her career at Prudential Insurance Company as a computer programmer for the FOCUS (Field Office Computer Update System).  In 1991 she joined Sillcocks Plastics International (Sillcocks), a traditional plastic card manufacturing company, starting as a Sales Representative and then went on to manage all aspects of production.  She led the reorganization of the Sales Department in order effectuate the sale of the assets of the Company in 1997.  In the early days of CompoSecure Michele managed the front end of the business including Pricing, Customer Service, Graphics, Accounting and Purchasing.  In 2004 the strategic direction of the company shifted towards an emphasis on new product development.  This resulted in Michele moving into the role of VP and General Manager to allow John Herslow to shift his attention to research and development efforts full-time.  In 2012 Michele became Chief Executive Officer of CompoSecure, LLC.  In this role she has overseen the move of the business to a new state of the art facility that allowed for significant expansion of output capacity.  She also built a production management infrastructure that includes industry experienced production and quality control managers.  Pursuit of innovation continues with ongoing investment in technology, as well as a dedicated team comprised of project managers, and engineers, including a material scientist with a PhD.  As CEO she has also built an administrative function that includes an industry experienced Chief Financial Officer and support team.
Michele graduated from Boston University with a BA in Computer Science and minor in Business Administration.  She also holds a Masters of Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Industrial Management.

John Herslow is the Chief Technology Officer of CompoSecure and is responsible for overseeing all R&D activities.  This includes new product and materials development as well as equipment acquisition and design.  John is the most senior technical engineer in the business with over 45 years of direct industry experience.  John is part of the senior leadership team that provides input on the strategic direction of the company.  John is a minority owner of CompoSecure, LLC.
In 1967, John joined the Family business, Sillcocks Plastics International (Sillcocks) after working for Esso (now Exxon) as a Chemical Process Engineer.  John managed the business until 1997 when the assets were sold.  Sillcocks was known for innovation throughout his tenure.  John was instrumental in developing ultra violet (UV) cured clear-coats eliminating the need for platen lamination for the direct mail card market resulting in a significant cost advantage to Sillcocks as they served this volume business.  Due to this development Sillcocks received their first order to utilize this technology to produce 500 million cards for Prudential Insurance.  In 1995 John was on the design Team to develop the USICS Employment Authorization Document card. Pioneering contact smart card work in the USA and composite materials for long life card applications in the ID card market were a few of the innovations John is known for.  John founded CompoSecure in 2000 with the help of Michele Logan and Luis DaSilva with a focus on materials science and developing proprietary products for the Financial and ID markets.  John continues to be recognized as an industry innovator as evidenced by the many Elan awards CompoSecure, LLC has won from International Card Manufactures Association (ICMA).  As a result of John’s work CompoSecure, LLC holds 3 patents and 10 patent pending applications.
John graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering.

Justin D'Angelo is the Vice President of Operations of CompoSecure and is responsible for all Production, Supply Chain, and Quality activities of the business.  In addition, he manages the Facilities and Security teams.  Justin brings over 25 years of direct industry experience to the senior leadership team of CompoSecure, LLC.  He has been instrumental in the commercialization of the R&D initiatives.  Through his experience and leadership he has built a production management team that has overseen the expansion of the plant capacity by over 300% since joining the company in 2012.  Justin is part of the senior leadership team and provides direction on strategic initiatives of CompoSecure, LLC.
Justin began his career in the United States Air Force as a commissioned officer and then joined the management program at Eastern Airlines.  His first manufacturing experience came when he joined Container Corporation where he was promoted to Plant Manager of their largest manufacturing facility on the east coast.  In 1989 he began his career in the transaction card business when he joined Datacard to head up their North American manufacturing operations.  In this role he was in charge of all aspects of pricing, design, customer service and manufacturing.  During his first six years he led the strategic investment in plant, equipment, and people that helped establish DataCard as a top card manufacturer in the United States with consistent financial return.  This repositioning of the business allowed DataCard to sell the US card operation to French smartcard company, Gemplus (now Gemalto) in 1997. For the next ten years Justin progressed into various positions of increasing responsibility including Manufacturing Director of Asia Pacific Operations based in Singapore and Senior Vice President of Financial Services based in companies global Headquarters, in Gemenos, France. After the merger between market leaders Gemplus and Axalto in 2006, Justin joined American Banknote as the group’s Chief Operating Officer and after participating in a number of group acquisitions, spent his last three years as CEO of the company’s Australasian subsidiary based in Melbourne, Australia where he was credited with a significant turnaround in the company’s financial and Sales performance.
Justin, a retired Officer in the US Air Force Reserve, holds an MBA from Syracuse University and a Bachelor Of Science Degree from Fordham University. As a former President of the International Card Manufactures Association, he sits as a permanent member of its Board.

Stephen Luft is the Vice President of Technical Sales for CompoSecure, LLC and is responsible for all sales and marketing activities.  He also manages customer design projects and oversees account management.  Stephen’s technical background is instrumental in guiding our clients through material and design options to maximize the look and feel of their card design.  Stephen is part of the senior leadership team and provides direction on strategic initiatives of CompoSecure, LLC.
Stephen joined CompoSecure in February of 2012, but prior to that was the Director of Customer Solutions at Opsec Security and held two other positions there since 1998.  His most recent accomplishments there included identifying agents in China and Southeast Asia for critical projects in those regions. Stephen brings agent relationships to CompoSecure from Russia/Ukraine, Argentina, Brazil, China and India.  Stephen holds a Masters of Business Administration in International Business and Finance from Indiana University and a BS in International Economics from Georgetown University.

Timothy Fitzsimmons is the Chief Financial Officer of CompoSecure and is responsible for all accounting and finance activities.  Tim brings 30 years of experience in accounting and finance to CompoSecure with 10 years direct industry experience.  Tim oversaw the reorganization of the accounting and finance function while restating 2010 through 2012 financial results to comply with United State based generally accepted accounting principles resulting in a multi-year audit with an unqualified opinion.  Tim is part of the senior leadership team and leads the strategic planning and budgeting process for CompoSecure, LLC.  Tim began his career with Coopers & Lybrand in New York City where he earned his CPA certificate in 1985.  In 1989 he joined DataCard in Minneapolis, MN as part of the Corporate Finance team.  In 1991 he became the Controller of Plastic Card Operations for DataCard North America. In that role he oversaw all accounting and finance functions.  Tim continued with the plastic card division through the sale to Gemplus (now Gemalto) where he managed the transition of accounting to the new company.  In 1995 he joined GE Capital as Global Controller of their modular leasing business.  In this role he earned his “Blackbelt” in six sigma and managed a global finance team.  In 2000 he joined Title Resource Group where he established the accounting and finance functions for a new division of PHH Mortgage.  Finally in 2009 he started his own consulting firm, Your CFO Controller, LLC where he provided interim CFO and Controller services for clients.  CompoSecure was a client of his starting 2012 and he joined the company as CFO in 2014.  During that tenure he has been responsible for all aspects of financial management and reporting.  Tim holds a Masters of Business Administration degree with a finance concentration from Drexel University and a Bachelor of Science Degree from St. John’s University, NY.   

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